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Backwaters of Bangkok and Temple Delights


Backwaters of Bangkok and Temple Delights

Day 1: Bangkok

Meet your group and your guide at the Go Beyond Travel Center, and the group move forward to the nearby pier to board our long-tail boat. From here takes you on a journey through the city's intricate network of canals, also known as klongs, giving you a unique perspective of Bangkok's bustling waterways of Chao Phraya, the main river in Bangkok. You will pass a range of local wooden stilt houses with clothes hanging to be dried in the sun, a local "7 eleven", klong style. Feel the atmosphere of having entered the Klongs. You will hear Thai music being played from the houses, you will see birds looking at the trespassing boats, and if you are lucky, you will spot one of the sunbathing lizards. 

The first stop is the sacred serenity of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, the royal temple was established in 1610, during the Ayutthaya period, and received support from Thai kings until the late nineteenth century. Under the supervision of Phra Samuh Sod Chantasaro or Luang Por Sod. Who held the position of abbot in 1916 made this temple become the centre of the Buddhist mind and has been a first-class place for practising Dhamma and meditation ever since. The highlight is the giant wearing glowing bronze Nearly 69 meters above the ground, as tall as a 20-story building, it is the largest Buddha statue in the city. There is a 40-meter-wide meditation posture, this Big Buddha project was made in collaboration with Chinese and Thai technicians in the year 2017 and was completed in the year 2021.

Looking around from the fifth floor of the temple's church, you will be inspired by the post-modern temples on one side of the canal. and the feeling of the old days, on the other hand, with the beauty of the river cutting through the landscape. From there it's onwards to the Artist Village, with old wooden walkways with artists, an old barber shop, an old grocery, vintage posters, colors of freedom, and a small stupa licking the sunlight. Feel the quietness surrounding this place. A stop will be made where you can feed holy Catfish. It's a remarkable sight when hundreds of fish come to the surface seemingly out of nowhere! 

Upon leaving the klongs, we'll see several houses on stilts and how locals live in small houses on the river. Then we leave the quietness and get back to noisy Chao Phraya River and head for our pier. We will stop and have lunch near the pier and then finish our day with a visit to two of the most important sightseeing landmarks in Bangkok: The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  

After a long day, your guide will assist you to get transportation back to your hotel or anywhere else you'd like to go.

Meals: Lunch, Snacks and Drinks
Miscellaneous: English-speaking Guide, Wat Pho Entrance Fee, Grand Palace Entrance Fee

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Lunch, Snacks and Drinks

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