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Delta & Falls Westbound: Natural Wonders & Wildlife


Delta & Falls Westbound: Natural Wonders & Wildlife

Day 1 - Victoria Falls

Arrive at any time. Tonight, head out with your CEO and group to further explore together in Victoria Falls. Sip a drink at Shearwater Village after your welcome meeting. Sit back, relax, enjoy the rushing sound of the falls, down a beer, and get to know your fellow travel mates as the adventure begins.

Day 2 - Victoria Falls

Get close and personal with one of the largest waterfalls in the world on this free day in Victoria Falls. Feel the strength of the water splashing your skin on the observation deck as you take in the sound of tons of water thundering over the edge of the falls in the distance and make your day as relaxing or hair-raising as you like. For the adventurous we recommend going whitewater rafting, taking a scenic helicopter flight over the falls (epic selfies anyone?), or taking the plunge (literally) while bungee jumping with Victoria Falls in sight. (Oh man... just thinking of that makes our heads spin and our palms sweat!) Not looking to turn your hair gray today? Either way the choice is yours, but remember you're here now so why not escape those comfort zones? Victoria Falls is a great base to see both natural wonders and take part in some exciting activities. Get up close (and wet from the spray) to the awesome Victoria Falls, opt to raft the whitewater of the mighty Zambezi, or bungee jump (with Victoria Falls in sight).

Day 3 - Victoria Falls/Kasane

Buckle those seat belts and as the mist from the falls leaves the air cross the border from Zimbabwe into Botswana. Waste no time and choose to take a wildlife viewing boat cruise along the fertile lands of the Chobe River. Then relax and unwind at camp with your group, telling stories, singing songs, and just enjoying one another's company in this serene country. You will stay over just outside of the park near the town of Kasane. This afternoon, take an optional sunset boat cruise along the Chobe River - it's your best opportunity to view hippos, crocodiles, and many elephants wallowing in the water. You can pre-book the Chobe River Sunset Cruise on the checkout page, or through your Global Connection Officer or travel agent.

Day 4 - Kasane/Gweta

Rise early to the sounds of nature around you and opt for a wildlife safari drive in an open safari vehicle in Chobe National Park. Then, travel south with your group to Gweta. As you drive to your next destination have a look out the windows in the Lando at the surrounding grasslands. They are teeming with life and are home to many antelope. Keep your eyes focused as the world passes you by, and then reward yourself after this long journey with a group toast as you camp under the stars shining through the branches of ancient baobab trees.

Day 5 - Gweta/Maun

Wake up to the image of the sun rising behind huge baobab trees and watch as the light turns the landscape varying shades of pinks, oranges, and reds. You can't help but feel completely isolated from the rest of the world in the middle of nowhere... savour that moment. Then it's time to hit the road to Maun where the adventures continue! Set up camp, unwind with your friends.

Day 6 - Maun/Okavango Delta

Today is going to be busy, but fun! Travel to the Delta to explore in a traditional mokoro (dugout canoe) to do some birdwatching on the way to our basic bush camp, then enjoy a sunset nature walk. The cool thing about being on foot is that you will get to learn about tracking animals and gain insight into their movement patters and behaviour more than if you were just in a vehicle. Set up camp, and simply unwind with a sundowner around the campfire. Cheers!

Day 7 - Maun/Ghanzi

Kiss the shores of the Okavango Delta goodbye and hop into a mokoro with your friends on the way back to Maun. Search for wildlife in the reeds along the river as you make your way back towards civilization. Zoom through the western part of Botswana to Ghanzi; the heart of the Kalahari. Catch a glimpse of how the local San People adapted to the Kalahari Desert on an optional bushman walk. They will teach you about wilderness survival skills in a place that seems uninhabitable.

Day 8 - Ghanzi/Windhoek

Stretch those legs, wave farewell to the San People, and hop in the Lando headed for Windhoek. Laugh, reflect, and listen to each other's stories as you cross the border into Namibia. Check another country off those travel lists and choose to grab one last meal with your travel fam before heading home. Not ready to leave Africa just yet? (Yeah, we don't blame you) talk with your CEO about extending your adventure and get to know Namibia or beyond!

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Basic bush camp (1 nt), participation camping (6 nts).

Paikalliset kuljetukset

Lando (overland adventure vehicle), walking, mokoro, safari vehicle.


Meals Included: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 3 dinners
Meals Budget: Allow USD75-100 for meals not included.


Victoria Falls
- Victoria Falls Whitewater Rafting
- Victoria Falls Helicopter Ride - 15 Mins
- Victoria Falls Visit (50USD per person)
- Zambezi Bungee Jump (168USD per person)

Chobe National Park
- Chobe River Sunset Cruise (580BWP per person)
- Chobe National Park Safari Drive

- Traditional San People Dancing (2000BWP per group)
- Walk with San People (150BWP per person)

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