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Lima to Rio Adventure - Inca Trail

Lima to Rio Adventure - Inca Trail

Hinta alk. {{totalPrice}} EUR Ylimääräiset paikallismaksut Kindly review the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu rules and restrictions:
Lennot eivät sisälly hintaan. Poikkeuksena kuitenkin matkaohjelmassa mahdollisesti erikseen mainitut sisäiset lennot. Hinta kun 2 matkustaa yhdessä. Jos kaipaat apuja lentoihin, matka-asiantuntijamme auttavat mielellään.
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Hinta alk. {{totalPrice}} EUR
Lennot eivät sisälly hintaan. Poikkeuksena kuitenkin matkaohjelmassa mahdollisesti erikseen mainitut sisäiset lennot. Hinta kun 2 matkustaa yhdessä. Jos kaipaat apuja lentoihin, matka-asiantuntijamme auttavat mielellään.
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51 päivää
Rio de Janeiro
Max 18, avg 14.
If you have the time and can't decide between Peru and Brazil, then see them both – and pretty much everything in between – on this 51-day extravaganza. Trek the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, cross the Bolivian Salt Flats, sip wine in Argentina, and hit the beach in Brazil. You'll get plenty of energetic culture, the great outdoors, and the company of other young travellers to keep you moving. There's time later to slow down, take the long road and have an adventure while you can.

Lima to Rio Adventure - Inca Trail

Day 1 - Lima

Arrive at any time. Arrive at any time. There are no planned activities, so check into the hotel and enjoy the city.

Day 2 - Lima/Paracas

Free morning in Lima before travelling by bus to Paracas. Savour a pisco sour while staying in Pisco's neighbouring town of Paracas.

Day 3 - Paracas/Nazca

Optional visit to Ballestas Islands before travelling to Nazca. En route, stop at a winery and at the oasis of Huacachina. There is time in the morning for an optional excursion to the popular Ballestas Islands, which provide an excellent chance to view a lively sea lion colony, pelicans, penguins, and other varieties of birdlife. Back on land, catch a bus south to Nazca. On the way, pass by the pleasant colonial town of Ica. Ica enjoys a dry, sunny climate year-round and is known for its huge sand dunes. Located around the nearby oasis of Huacachina, the dunes are perfect as subjects for photographs and for a favourite local past time: sandboarding. Apart from the dunes, Ica is famous for its wines and there are several wineries and distilleries in the area.

Day 4 - Nazca/Arequipa

Opt for a flight over the Nazca Lines. Overnight bus to Arequipa.

Day 5 - Arequipa

Opt to explore the Arequipa on a city tour or soak in a local hot spring. Those with an interest in history and architecture may opt to visit the Convent of Santa Catalina, which offers a brief respite from the outside world and a unique view into a bygone way of life. Other optional excursions include rafting and mountaineering. For spicy food lovers, checking out one of the "Picanterias" is a must. Arequipa has a variety of regional food: alpaca, shrimp, pork, lots of soups, and spicy sauces.

Day 6 - Arequipa/Colca Canyon

Take a full-day tour of the spectacular Colca Valley, and opt for a soak in hot springs. Enjoy an overnight excursion to the impressive Colca Canyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world. Stop in fascinating villages and at "miradors" (scenic lookouts), where, with a little luck, visitors can see Andean condors soaring over the majestic Andes. Other unusual animals that can be spotted in the Andean landscape include three different species of camelids: alpaca, llama and vicuna.

Day 7 - Colca Canyon/Arequipa

Set out looking for the majestic soaring condors over Colca Canyon. Head back to Arequipa to enjoy the city in the evening. Get an early start to go on the lookout for flying condors. Travel from Chivay town to a condor viewpoint to admire these magnificent birds in the air. On the way back, stop by some local villages and viewpoints to see old terraces and sections of Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world.

Day 8 - Arequipa/Cusco

Explore Arequipa and opt to take a city tour. Take an overnight bus to Cusco.

Day 9 - Cusco

Free time to explore Cusco. Choose to pre-book the optional Cusco Cooking Class. Opt for a city tour or go whitewater rafting, horseback riding or mountain biking.

Day 10 - Cusco

Enjoy another free day in Cusco. Choose to pre-book the Cusco Cooking Class.

Day 11 - Cusco/Ollantaytambo

Learn about the Sacred Valley en route to Ollantaytambo. Opt to take a Sacred Valley tour with a visit to a G Adventures-supported women's weaving co-op. Ollantaytambo is a major Inca ruin site and a first taste of what lies ahead. For those craving more before they head out on the Trail, opt to take a Sacred Valley tour which includes a visit to a G Adventures-supported women's weaving co-op.

Day 12 - Inca Trail

Depart Ollantaytambo by van to km 82 where the hike begins. Trek through beautiful scenery, with a variety of flora that changes with the seasons, passing several smaller ruin sites like Llactapata.

Day 13 - Inca Trail

Start early to climb the long steep path to Warmiwanusca, better known as Dead Woman's Pass. This is the highest point of the trek at 4,198m (13,769 ft). Most hikers reach camp by early afternoon, with ample time to rest and relax.

Day 14 - Inca Trail

Cross two more passes and ruins along the way. The first pass is Runquraqay at 3,950m (13,113 ft) where, on a clear day, hikers can catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Cordillera Vilcabamba. Hike through cloud forest on the gentle climb to the second pass of the day, walking through original Incan constructions. The highest point of the pass is 3,700m (12,136 ft). On a clear day, enjoy the spectacular views of the Urubamba Valley. At 3,650m (11,972 ft), reach the ruins of Phuyupatamarca, the "town above the clouds." Camp here or go another 1.5 hrs to the Winay Wayna ruins ("forever young") located at 2,650m (8,694 ft).

Day 15 - Machu Picchu/Cusco

The final day of the hike starts pre-dawn to reach the Sun Gate before sunrise. Wake up around 03:30 and walk to the checkpoint. Catch the first views of the breathtaking ruins of Machu Picchu on a clear day. Hike down to Machu Picchu for a guided tour of the site and free time to explore. Opt to visit the Inca Bridge, if time allows. Catch the bus to Aguas Calientes to meet any non-hiking members of your group. Eat and relax before your train back to Cusco in the afternoon.

Day 16 - Cusco

Free day to explore more of Cusco or just relax.

Day 17 - Cusco/Puno

Travel through the high Altiplano region to travel to Puno on Lake Titicaca.

Day 18 - Puno/Lago Titicaca

Guided tour of Lake Titicaca with a homestay in a local village. Head out by boat across Lake Titicaca. Visit the community on Taquile Island and enjoy a local lunch with spectacular views. After, cruise to another village for an overnight homestay on the shores of the lake (the homestay location can vary based on community availability). This experience provides an opportunity to learn more about rural life in the Peruvian highlands and to participate in local traditions. Eat with the family, learn some Quecha and Spanish language skills, try on traditional costumes, and help out with daily chores around the village.

Day 19 - Lago Titicaca/Puno

Visit the floating islands of Uros. Optional visit to the Sillustani burial site. Leave the homestay families late morning, and visit the Uros Islands on the way back to Puno. A popular optional activity in Puno is a visit to the spectacular chullpas (funerary towers) of Sillustani, a pre-Inca archaeological site only a short drive away.

Day 20 - Puno/La Paz

Cross over into Bolivia for a night out in the highest city of the trip. Oxygen bar anyone? Enjoy a full-day drive around the lake and through the Altiplano to La Paz. Bolivia is filled with spectacular views of the countryside. La Paz sits nearly 4,000m (13,120 ft) above sea level, so be prepared for cool evenings and mornings.

Day 21 - La Paz

Free day in La Paz. Opt to visit Iglesia de San Francisco, the Valley of the Moon, the Witches' Market, or the nearby Tiahuanaco Ruins.

Day 22 - La Paz/Sucre

Enjoy a free day to explore the vibrant markets and winding streets of the city before boarding a night bus to Sucre.

Day 23 - Sucre

Free time to explore the city, the former capital of Bolivia. For more active options opt to go hiking in the surrounding area or mountain biking. Travel south to Sucre. Tackle the city as there is a lot to offer during the two days here. Optional activities include a visit to an old tin baron's mansion, mountain biking, and hiking.

Day 24 - Sucre

Enjoy another free day to explore Sucre and surroundings.

Day 25 - Sucre/Potosi

Travel south to the one of the world's highest cities. Staying in the Bolivian highlands, we travel south to the city of Potosi. The highest city of its size in the world, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has had a tumultuous history as a silver mining centre during colonial times.

Day 26 - Potosi

Get out and explore Potosi, learn about the history of the city while wandering the streets. Stop at the market and interact with the locals.

Day 27 - Potosi/Uyuni

Travel to Uyuni and get ready for an excursion to the salt flats.

Day 28 - Uyuni/Salt Flats

Enjoy a three-day 4x4 excursion to the Uyuni Salt Flats and surrounding desert altiplano with spectacular scenery. Last stop for the evening is a G Adventures-supported community lodge in a traditional agricultural village in the heart of a desert oasis. Travel through the Bolivian landscape to the town of Uyuni. Despite its isolation and challenging climate (cold and blustery most of the year), the town of Uyuni has earned the nickname of Hija Predilecta de Bolivia (Bolivia's Favourite Daughter). It is also the starting point for our 3-night excursion through the spectacular Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats) in 4x4 vehicles. Spend three days in the stunning landscapes between the Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama Desert in Chile. Our groups like to get creative with photography, as the endless white of the salt flats creates some great depth illusions that are fun to play with in photos. The tour takes us through the impressive large red lagoon of Laguna Colorada and the striking blue-green Laguna Verde at 5,000m (16,404 ft). Settle in to your G Adventures-supported community salt-brick bungalow, complete with salt floors and furniture, after a guided walking tour up to the sacred Jukil mountaintop for sweeping valley views and a dinner of local ingredients prepared by ladies from the community.

Day 29 - Salt Flats

Continue exploring the Uyuni Salt Flats on a 4x4 excursion. Admire the spectacular scenery while passing red and blue lagoons along the route. Spot wild llamas, alpacas and even flamingos deep within the desert.

Day 30 - Salt Flats/San Pedro de Atacama

Rise early to cover more ground of the unique landscape of the Uyuni Salt Flats. Continue to see incredible scenery, including volcanoes, salt lakes and geysers. Travel to the border and descend by bus to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. It's a long but scenic drive. After continuing through the Uyuni Salt Flats in the morning, hop on a bus further south to the dry desert regions of Argentina and Chile, where we stop in the little town of San Pedro de Atacama, on the edge of the Atacama desert??the driest place on earth.

Day 31 - San Pedro de Atacama

Opt to go sandboarding or mountain biking, or visit the Valley of the Moon. There are plenty of optional excursions here -- biking, exploring nearby ruins, horseback riding, and touring the Valley of the Moon.

Day 32 - San Pedro de Atacama/Salta

Cross the border into Argentina. We make our way to Salta, situated in the Lerma Valley of northern Argentina. Salta is home to empanadas saltenas - the delicious local specialty, and no visit to the town will be complete without giving them a try. In the evening, opt to experience a local celebration at one of the "Pena" folklore shows.

Day 33 - Salta

Explore the city and enjoy the local cuisine. Opt to take a trip through the scenic Quebrada de las Conchas to Cafayate, or visit the High Mountain Archaeological Museum.

Day 34 - Salta/Buenos Aires

Skip a long bus journey with a quick flight to Buenos Aires. Take an optional city tour, and enjoy free time to explore the many attractions. In the evening, consider hitting a tango show, then sample the city's famous nightlife. When you are done exploring, settle your weary feet and enjoy a drink in one of the many sidewalk cafes and restaurants and begin to understand the contemplative Argentine way of life. Try the succulent bife and parrilladas!

Day 35 - Buenos Aires

Enjoy a free day to explore beautiful Buenos Aires. Get out and explore. Consider visiting the districts of La Boca, Recoleta, and San Telmo or catch a tango show at one of the many famous tanguerias. Wander the pedestrian walkways and see some dancing in the streets.

Day 36 - Buenos Aires

Free time to explore the many attractions. Check out a football match, a tango show or the city's famous nightlife. Known as the ??Paris of the Americas,' Buenos Aires is a vibrant city full of life. Visit the districts of La Boca, Recoleta, and San Telmo or catch a tango show at one of the many famous tanguerias. Wander the pedestrian walkways and see some dancing in the streets. Whatever you do, Buenos Aires is sure to leave lasting memories.

Day 37 - Buenos Aires/Colonia

Cross the Rio de la Plata by ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. Explore on an orientation walk, then enjoy free time to explore the area and relax at a streetside cafe.

Day 38 - Colonia/Montevideo

Travel from Colonia to Montevideo in the morning. Free afternoon to explore. Spend free time in Montevideo exploring the city and Mercado del Puerto, having a picnic in the park or visiting Estadio Centenario where the first World Cup was played in 1930. Cycle around the coast or head to the beach.

Day 39 - Montevideo

Free time to explore Montevideo.

Day 40 - Montevideo/Estancia Stay

Travel by day through picturesque settlements and pastures finishing in the last Uruguayan stop??a local ranch, known in the region as an estancia.

Day 41 - Estancia Stay

Get dirty working at the ranch, go for a hike in the countryside, and indulge in local barbecues and wine. Spend a day at the estancia getting into rural life. Learn about the historical roots of the region, lend a hand on the farm, go for a walk, make empanadas or sit back and sip on the wines of the region as you take in local Uruguayan life.

Day 42 - Estancia Stay/Iguassu Falls

In the morning cross the border into Gualeguaychu in Argentina, then begin the long overnight journey to Iguassu Falls.

Day 43 - Iguassu Falls

In the morning opt to visit the Brazilian side of the falls and get an incredible panoramic view. Opt to take a helicopter ride over the falls, visit a bird park or see the Itaipu Dam.

Day 44 - Iguassu Falls

Today enjoy a full day excursion to the Argentinian side of the falls. Wander along the walk paths that connect different view points of the falls. Opt to take a boat tour to see the cascading falls from below.

Day 45 - Foz do Iguacu/Paraty

Skip an overnight bus ride and fly to Sao Paulo, heading straight to the coast. Explore colonial Paraty, then hit the beach. Skipping the long bus ride, we fly to Sao Paulo and head straight to Paraty, a quaint colonial town on the coast renowned for its architecture.

Day 46 - Paraty

Free time to explore Paraty's beaches, a national park and surroundings. Opt to visit a cachaca distillery or take a boat tour to nearby islands. Paraty is a quaint colonial town renowned for its architecture??the pace might be slow but there's a lot to choose from. Considered one of the world's most important examples of Portuguese colonial architecture by UNESCO, the historic centre is a well-preserved national historic monument, and today has been closed to vehicles to preserve its laid-back colonial ambiance. Opt to take a boat tour of the bay, go on a kayak tour, or a jeep tour.

Day 47 - Paraty/Ilha Grande

Continue by van up the coast, and take a ferry to Ilha Grande. Tavel to the port in Angra dos Reis and catch a boat over to Ilha Grande not far from the coast.

Day 48 - Ilha Grande

Free time to explore the beaches of Ilha Grande. Opt to hike the remote trails, take a boat trip around the island, play in the waves or go snorkelling.

Day 49 - Ilha Grande/Rio de Janeiro

Travel to Rio de Janeiro. In the afternoon, explore the favela with a local resident on a G Adventures-supported tour to watch a drumming demonstration, get a Capoeira lesson, and sample craft beers with a new perspective of the city. Leaving the port after returning from Ilha Grande, a dramatic road then takes us north along the coast through superb scenery before rounding the cliffs at Vidigal. Get a first glimpse of one of the most memorable cities in the world, Brazil's ocean-side jewel, Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy any free time by exploring the wonders that this city has to offer from the centrally located hostel in Copacabana.

Day 50 - Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy a free day to discover all that Rio has to offer. Take a city tour to experience sights like Rio's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, or take a leisurely stroll along Copacabana beach as the waves lap at your feet.

Day 51 - Rio de Janeiro

Depart at any time.

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Ylimääräiset paikallismaksut
Kindly review the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu rules and restrictions:


Simple hotels (34 nts, twin-share), hostels (4 nts, multi-share), overnight buses (4 nts), camping (3 nts), homestay (1 nt), G Adventures-supported lodge/basic hotels on Uyuni Salt Flats excursion (2 nts, multi-share), estancia/ranch (2 nts, multi-share)

Paikalliset kuljetukset

Public bus, train, hiking, plane, 4x4 truck, ferry.


Allow USD1250-1625 for meals not included. 34 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 9 dinners


- Lima Biking Culinary Tour - Bike & Bite (252PEN per person)
- Barranco Bohemian Neighbourhood Tour (218PEN per person)
- Lima City Tour (130-186PEN per person)
- Magic Circuit of Water and Dinner Show (300PEN per person)
- Lima Paragliding (280PEN per person)
- Lima Cooking Class (79USD per person)
- Museum of the Inquisition (50PEN per person)

- Pachacamac and Paso Horse Show (330PEN per person)

- Sandboarding in Ica (65PEN per person)

Paracas National Reserve
- Ballestas Islands Wildlife Tour (20USD per person)

- Nazca Desert Cemetery and Potter's Studio Guided Tour (80PEN per person)
- Flight over Nazca Lines (122USD per person)

- Juanita Museum (60PEN per person)
- Arequipa City Tour & Santa Catalina Monastery (40USD per person)
- Santa Catalina Monastery Visit (60PEN per person)
- Arequipa City and Area Panoramic Bus Tour (20USD per person)

- Hot Springs (15PEN per person)

- Whitewater Rafting Urubamba (165PEN per person)

- La Merced Visit
- Cusco City Tour (45PEN per person)
- Inka Museum (10PEN per person)
- Cusco Tourist Ticket (130PEN per person)
- Cusco Cooking Class (46USD per person)
- Rainbow Mountain Hike - Full-day Trip (50USD per person)

- Sacred Valley Tour (220PEN per person)
- Ollantaytambo Ruins Guided Tour
- Sacred Valley Brewery

- Sillustani Burial Towers Entrance (45PEN per person)

Lago Titicaca
- Lake Titicaca Kayaking (59USD per person)

La Paz
- Witches' Market Visit
- Valley of the Moon Tour (150BOB per person)
- La Paz City Tour (90BOB per person)
- Optional Welcome Meeting for Travellers on Combos
- Death Road Biking Adventure (115USD per person)

- Hiking
- Mountain Biking
- Sunday Tarabuco Market (40BOB per person)
- Sucre Dinosaur Tracks Excursion

- Silver Mine Tour (150BOB per person)

San Pedro de Atacama
- Valley of the Moon Visit (15000CLP per person)
- Mountain Biking (1500-5000CLP per person)
- Sandboarding (17000CLP per person)
- Observatory Tour (20000CLP per person)
- San Pedro de Atacama Hot Springs (10000CLP per person)

- Peña Folklore Show (400ARS per person)
- Quebrada de las Conchas
- Cafayate Full Day Tour (650ARS per person)
- Museum of High Altitude Archeology (150ARS per person)
- Horseback Riding and BBQ (1500ARS per person)

Buenos Aires
- Buenos Aires Guided City Tour
- Tango Dinner Show (80USD per person)
- Teatro Colón Tour (250ARS per person)
- Buenos Aires Bike Tour (33USD per person)
- La Boca Neighbourhood Visit (20-100ARS per person)
- Buenos Aires Tango Experience (80USD per person)

Colonia La Concordia
- Golf Cart Rental (18USD per person)

- Cycle the Coast (550UYU per person)
- Estadio Centenario Visit (150UYU per person)
- Port Market
- Museo del Carnaval (100UYU per person)
- Viven Museum (Museo Andes 1972)
- Candombe

Punta del Este
- Day Trip to Punta del Este (1400UYU per person)

Foz do Iguaçu
- Iguassu Falls Bird Park Visit (60BRL per person)
- Itaipú Dam Visit (100BRL per person)
- Iguassu Falls (Brazil Side) Guided Tour

Puerto Iguazú
- Iguassu Falls Boat Tour (70USD per person)

- Swimming (Free)
- Paraty Bay Boat Tour
- 4x4 Tour (100BRL per person)
- Horseback Riding Paraty (120-150BRL per person)
- Paraty Boat Tour (100BRL per person)
- Diving Paraty
- Snorkelling
- Cachaça Distillery Visit (90BRL per person)

- Trindade Day Trip (5BRL per person)

Ilha Grande
- Lopez Mendez Hike
- Swimming (Free)
- Hike to Pico do Papagaio (130BRL per person)
- Ilha Grande Boat Excursion (120BRL per person)
- Snorkelling Ilha Grande
- Ilha Grande Diving

Rio de Janeiro
- Rio Football Game (150-200BRL per person)
- Rio de Janeiro City Tour (240BRL per person)
- Rio Hang Gliding (750BRL per person)

Lima to Rio Adventure - Inca Trail

Alk. hinta {{totalPrice}} EUR
Lennot eivät sisälly hintaan. Poikkeuksena kuitenkin matkaohjelmassa mahdollisesti erikseen mainitut sisäiset lennot. Hinta kun 2 matkustaa yhdessä. Jos kaipaat apuja lentoihin, matka-asiantuntijamme auttavat mielellään.
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